In anticipation.

Screenshots: my own.

Sorry for the host of screenshots but I can only just about contain my excitement for Moonrise Kingdom, the epic-looking 1960's-set Wes Anderson film due out here in May.

Girls in sixties collars, Francoise Hardy on the soundtrack, Murray, McDormand and Norton in the same film and Anderson's typical, much adored dry wit and bright cinematography look set to make it the sixth of his films to feature on my list of favourites.

Finds of February

Finds of February

1. Adding to my ever-growing collection of deer has become an affliction.

2. The perfect Valentines find, my 50p Tea for Two teapot from a junk shop in Hastings.

3. Two 1950's dress patterns, 50p each from Oxfam. Plans to resurrect my sewing machine are under way, any one know of any good beginners sewing classes in London?

4. Bundles of material, all bought for less than the price of my morning coffee, for bunting and patchwork and mini-wedding DIYs.

What have you found this month?

Project Take 10: Crown & Glory

A really big photo of my big face.

I love a home-grown brand, I love glitter and therefore I love Crown & Glory more than anyone really should love an, albeit amazing, accessories company.

Sophie who runs the company really threw herself into this Project Take 10 challenge, customising and creating individual pieces for us all. I asked for a mass of stars and netting and she created the amazing glitter crown above for me.

It was love at first sight and I've had fun playing around with it: with veil, without veil, pretend wedding role-play, awe-inspiring night out headpiece etc etc. Unfortunately, no full outfit shots as I've had no one to take my snaps recently and me and the tripod just don't get on but I hope it's clear to see the fascinator in all it's glittery glory from these photos.

Remember my wedding theme is going to be moon and stars? What a perfect wedding crown this would be...

The other Take 10 ladies have all gone for totally different styles, from Susie's bespoke bunny ears to Jen's huge pink bow, Crown & Glory have accommodated us all brilliantly, thank you so much Sophie!

Susie (Take-out in Couture)
Sherin (Hi-Fashion)

Vicki (Magpie Girl)
Sarah (We Shop)
Harriet (Where's Harriet)
Jen (A Little Bird)
MJ (Dreaming Spires)
Paula (Pink Bow)

...and finally a huge hello to Lucy from the incredible and colourful Snippets of Shiny Thoughts (and who created the starry collage this month!) who joins Take 10 to replace Sabine who sadly had to leave us this month. I'm sure you will all give her a very warm welcome!

Outfit post c/o Westfield London

On Wednesday, I was invited to Westfield London for a 'How to dress for your body shape' shopping project. A project involving shopping? Just my sort of project and when I heard the other participants were Mademoiselle Robot, Alex Loves, Sherin from HiFashion and Nastaha from Girl in the Lens it was a bit of a no-brainer. I never expected to be treated to a shopping spree, but that's exactly what it was. Dream event.

We met in Bimba & Lola, the first UK-based shop for this luxe Spanish brand with beautiful shoes, accessories, bright basics and neutral, vintage-inspired dresses and blouses. I fell in love with their bags, some metallic pastel pumps and their brilliant customer service. The lovely people at B&L had given us £50 to spend there, so I chose a huge coral-coloured scarf printed with tigers and vintage ladies which I'll debut on here soon.

Next, it was on to French Connection for a snoop around and to pick my favourite piece. If I'm honest FC has never been a usual stop-off on my shopping trips, mainly because I'm scared of their sizes and their prices, I don't think I've ever spent £125 on a dress in my life. I found a pretty blue lace skater dress that fit just a little too snugly (wedding dress diet is ON) and with little more than a wave of a wand, the dress was mine. The photographer also took photos of me looking at things. It was a bit awkward. See above.

And finally we took a trip to Topshop where I was looking for the right jacket to pair with my dress. I decided on a slightly cropped faux leather number and a set of four amazing skull rings, all courtesy of a very kindly gifted gift card.

My post with tips of how to dress for my body shape will be up on their site very soon, but I thought I'd share the outfit here first. Thanks to Isa and Dearne for a wonderful evening!

Hastings, direct.

It was our four year anniversary on Friday so we booked £10 return tickets to Hastings and, thanks to Sarah's fantastic recommendation, stayed for two nights in Hastings House- a very pretty, seafront b&b with a mean line in free jaffa cakes and a very good fry up.

Yes, yes, Hastings wasn't the first place I thought of when imaging a romantic weekend away either but after hearing a few people mention that the charity and junk shops were plentiful and cheap, I managed to persuade Ed with the cheap train tickets and the promise of some beach-side walks. And I'm so glad I did. I totally fell in love with the place. It was freezing, below zero on the mornings we walked along the coast to the Old Town, with all the wonderful shops centered around George Street.

A pop-up junk shop in a very run down building- such a good idea to get using some of the abandoned and empty shops.

Butler's Emporium was, until March 2010, an old-school hardware shop packed full of tools and sandpaper. Now it's an amazing space filled with oddities, home wares and textiles. It's huge, with unfinished walls and nooks and crannies everywhere.

Early afternoon G&T at the Dragon Bar on George Street.

This was my outfit for a meal on the Friday where I ate eight (!) different types of seafood in two courses. Winner. I'm wearing a 1950's feather print tea dress that I bought from Beyond Retro on my birthday for £18.

And now onto my favourite place: The Imaginarium (sadly, it has no online presence): a shop within a shop full of taxidermy, preserved hanging bats, preserving domes, antique bird cages, bones, religious paraphernalia and some very lovely old embroidered samples. Unfortunately, unlike the rest of the junk shops, this stuff wasn't the cheapest, but I'll be back to stock up on something weird to add to my collection.

I though I'd end this with some dogs driving a van. Because your day can't get much better when you see something like this!

The Hitched List: A Trip to the Moon

Pictures from the following: 1, 2 and 3.
Last two: my own.

Trying to settle on a wedding theme without finding myself on a conveyor belt of corporate white chair covers, 'vintage'-looking decorations and a decision involving fruit cake and victoria sponge (FYI, I'm having both. At the very least) is one hell of a minefield.

Yes I want jam jars, wildflowers, bridesmaids in vintage lace dresses and heaps of fairy lights but I also want something different to tie everything together. A theme. Vintage is too vague a word and overused at best. Trying to describe to people that I want a slightly gothic, fairytale, pastel-hued affair with a dash of taxidermy and steampunk thrown in for good measure, really wasn't working. I've just started asking people to imagine Miss Havisham and her cobwebbed lace and bingo, that's the look I'm going for.

And then I found the postcard above and it all fell into place. I remembered seeing Georges Méliès 1902 film 'Le Voyage Dans La Lune' a few years ago and how it entranced me. It is considered the first ever science fiction film and runs to a little over fourteen minutes and was finally, 109 years after its original release, restored to full colour and shown at Cannes Film Festival 2011. If you have a spare quarter of an hour, watch the full video above.

I've decided on stars and moons and no particular era. I might have a fifties dress and twenties jewellery, a guest book from the 1890's and a DJ playing anything from the last sixty years, but everything will come together under a glittering sky. And yep, I do plan on making a two-metre high crescent moon prop to pose in.

Lace & Glass: an easy DIY

One item on my list of things to collect over the next 12 months in the run up to our wedding is jam jars. Or pickle jars, chutney jars, mustard jars, any jars that I can steam the labels off of.

There's a number of little uses I want to put them to on the day but this one was the starting point- lace tea light holders. We'd quite like hundreds in the garden for the reception, but I'm seriously doubting how much Bonne Maman my family and I can consume over the next year.

You will need:
Jars with the labels scrubbed or steamed off
Scraps of lace or pretty ribbon
Glue dots (can be bought on Amazon here)

Attach the glue dots at equal distance (approx 1 inch) around the top of the jar.

Cut the lace to fit around the jar to include a small overlap and press the lace around the jar onto the glue dots. Add extra glue dots to stick down the overlapping piece of lace all the way down to where the lace finishes on the jar.

Et voila!

They look even prettier with the tea lights in. I'm planning to make lots of them with different pastel-coloured lace and group them on tables and all over the garden so, if anyone eats a lot of jam, you know where to send those empty jars!