How to wear a cape...

I was asked by Lands' End, along with four other lovely bloggers, to wear and photograph a key piece from their Autumn/Winter collection and give my take on the style for their AW Outerwear Style Guide. 

I was sent this beautiful, cleverly reversible, cape which I paired with a simple black Hobbs dress, suede Bertie wedge boots and a vintage mini check holdall- the only sort of bag that works in a cape with no armholes. Now, I love a good cape, but they do terrify me. All that material! I think the key is to tone it done and keep everything else simple. I wore it for a walk around Primrose Hill and to the cinema- it was lovely to snuggle up in when the dreaded cinema-chill creeped up on me! 

Here's what I said about the style:

Worn since medieval times and with a surge in popularity over the last few years, the cape has certainly proved it's longevity. The silhouette a cape creates is a familar one and although some are daunted by swathes of unstructured fabric, paired with the right items, the cape can be a versatile piece in your autumn/winter arsenal.
Firstly, I would suggest finding one that's the correct length- don't let it swamp you. Also, choosing one in classic tones and fabric means that you'll be able to wear more varied outfits underneath. Because of the traditional, almost theatrical, shape I like to keep it simple and dress it down with a pair of jeans and black leather boots. I, for one, am glad they've stuck around. There is nothing nicer than going for a wintry walk, wrapped up warm in a cape and gloves!

Land's End also commissioned this amazing illustration by Natalie Lines which was a fantastic surprise. From left to right: Me, Amanda, Kat, Jen and Rachel.

Are you daunted by capes or are you a fan? Would you have chosen one of the other styles? Do let me know what you think!

Disclosure: I was sent the cape by Lands' End as a review item and I was commissioned to contribute to the Lands’ End outerwear guide.


  1. That drawing of you is so incredible - wowww!

  2. I nearly brought a cape on the weekend, like you I wasn't 100% on how it would look. Having slept on it the next day I decided to purchase and found it had been sold! I was disappointed so now need to find something similar. I think they can be a very versatile garment.

  3. I love capes on other people but fail at wearing them myself, you look wonderful x

  4. You look lovely in this! I used to have something like this and I have no idea where that went. Your photo's are so pretty! x

  5. I adore you in this. It looks so perfect with that bag!


  6. Utterly gorgeous. You look really sassy in that cape. Love it!

  7. What beautiful photos! You look so classy, miss! And holy shit that bag is seriously AMAZIN'. Love the medieval reference, I'm totally sold on capes now haha :)

  8. Lovely post :) I adore it, it looks amazing and I really want to buy it now (hides purse- i MUST NOT!)

    1. love the illustration! I'm always worried then will make me look huge or like a witch or a huge witch but I might have to give one a go x

  9. The cape definitely looks great on you. I had a cape when I was little and it was such FUN to wear!

  10. I love the picture and the cape! But the picture more! Exciting!

  11. You look lovely, I have never found a cape that suits me but this could be the one!

    Maria xxx

  12. I love this. I don't know if I could pull off the cape look even though I love it :)

  13. I bought the most beautiful vintage, green wool cape this weekend in Amsterdam, complete with tweed lining! I am in love & less intimidated by the thought of what to pair it with thanks to yr post (: