Daniel Mikhael: Salon Review

I hate going to the hairdressers, have done ever since I was about 12 and my mum took me to our local salon for a trim and I walked out of there looking like the elusive fifth Beatle. 
I used to do everything I could to actively avoid appointments, including cutting my own fringe (resulting in fringe-wonk) and, until a year ago, using shop-bought hair dye (total disaster). It's a conundrum for me because although it's much, MUCH cheaper to colour my own hair, it hasn't looked better since I started having it done in a salon. I decided that even if I can only afford to have it professionally coloured five or six times a year, at least I'll be much happier with it in the interim weeks.

It was obvious then, that when the team behind Daniel Mikhael offered to colour my hair at their beautiful Porchester Place salon just behind Marble Arch,  I would not be turning them down. 

Daniel is a wonderful man, full of chat (the easy-flowing kind) and wit. He welcomed me in to his art-deco styled salon and gave me the tour, full of pride at the space he has created. I settled into the chair,  plied with a large glass of red wine, to chat with colourist Mariola about what I wanted. We decided on something a bit richer and semi-permanent. I love semi-perm colours because of the shine they provide and because they are much less damaging, which in my case, is a must. Mariola was funny and warm- none of that awkward hairdresser chat here. She applied to colour speedily and talked me through everything she was doing, reassuring me that it might look darker as it developed but that I shouldn't worry. 

When it was time to wash out the colour, she led me downstairs to the basins and I was surprised to see the chairs were fully horizontal. You might be able to see in the photos below, but you basically lie on your back in these incredibly comfortable leather recliners, as opposed to sitting up and tipping your neck back. These were a revelation for me. Every time I visit a normal hairdressers, usually 3-4 days later, I suffer with spasms and a very painful lower-back. It took me a while to figure out what was causing it, but without doubt, it was the awkward and prolonged time spent in those godawful hairdressing chairs.

Daniel gave me a great blow-dry and the final colour was revealed. It was slightly darker, but more even and still now, weeks later, the colour is still vibrant with none of the dreaded regrowth you get from perm dyes. Thank you to Amy from Katch and the whole team at Daniel Mikhael for such a lovely experience and for making me a little less nervous about my next session in a salon!


  1. The colour looks gorgeous and super glossy. I really need to find the right salon in my area, tried a few now and I want a hair dresser who will recommend styles/colours to me because I want to try something new but I'm worried it wont suit me.

  2. nice not to have the forced, awkward, 'soooo, are you going on holiday this year?' chat. I wonder if they are given a list of sae questions to ask when they are at hairdresser school?

  3. Looks cute! Reminds me I need to go to the hairdresser.



  4. Wow it looks lovely! What a fab salon. x

  5. This salon looks absolutely gorgeous!! I have to go, my hair is in dire need of a transformation. I'm bored with it.
    Yours looks great at the moment, love the colour on you.

  6. It looks gorgeous, Elle. It suits you so much!

  7. Wow you always look pretty but that hair colour is AMAZIIIIIING!I might even pluck up the courage to visit a hair salon again after this post! BB xx

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