Christmas Gift DIY: Vintage Glass Bath Salts

For Christmas this year, as I try and do every year, I've revolved to craft a portion of the gifts myself. It can be a little daunting, so I've decided to keep the DIYs simple but effective this year, which means they are easy for everyone but look like something you'd actually like to receive!
First up, Eucalyptus Epsom Salts. Yes, I'm bringing back bath salts, in a big way! I know you're more likely to find the at the back of your nan's bathroom cupboard, but for me there is nothing better than a soak in some perfumed Epsom salts after a long, stressful day. They have numerous benefits (another post on this soon!) are cheap and can be scented with any essential oil. 

You will need:
Epsom Salts- I bought mine from our local Pharmacy. They were £3.99 for 1.5kg (a huge amount!) but can probably bought cheaper from here for example.

Essential Oil- I chose Eucalyptus because it's great for colds and muscle ache but lavender would work really well also, or geranium.

Glass vessels- I spotted a bulk load of these glass decanters at a car boot, which are perfect for this, but I also had the glass jar given to me by Laura Ashley  a few weeks ago which worked equally as well. Any bog-standard glass jars would work though!

Decorations- I chose lace, feather robins and candy canes! 

1) To start, pour the salt into your vessel so that you know how much you need, then pour it back unto a metal or ceramic bowl (don't be tempted to use a plastic one as the essential oils can damage and discolour plastic).

2) Take your essential oil and add a few drops into the salt. Mix with a metal spoon. When you think you have thoroughly mixed the salts, lift a tablespoon to smell. If you can smell the oil scent reasonably strongly, then you've added enough scent. If not, add a few drops more and re-do the sniff test!

3) Pour the salts back into your glass container. If you have a funnel, use this. If you're a normal person and don't own a funnel, you can use a plastic bag or a piping bag. Pour the salts into the bag and then snip off one of the corners.

4) That's it! All that is left is to decorate them. I used the lace to secure a candy cane to the front of the decanter and added a feather bird to the lid of the other jar. When I'm ready to decide who these are for, I'll make little tags to attach onto the lace with instructions on how to use and some of the benefits of Epsom Salts.

What do you think? Are bath salts too retro for you? If you choose a pretty enough container, I think they make a lovely gift. Are you making any of your Christmas gifts this year?


  1. This is such a cute idea!!

    Come and visit my blog :)
    Sunshine & Rain

  2. I like this idea, I think with a lovely glass jar of some sort its a lovely gift. Cost effective too! I was thinking of giving away painted glass candle holders (I showed on my blog last week) but I can't decide if they look like a child has done them...I may have to get myself to the pharmacy for some epsom salts!

  3. Hi there! A great idea. I've already got some pretty soaps bought on holiday from a French market and was thinking of making up some mini hampers. Here's my solution. Thanks :)

  4. These look adorable! I love the jars you've put them in. I'll be making Christmas chutney for a few stocking fillers! x

  5. This is a fab idea! And so easy. I never DIY my gifts xx

  6. oh this is such an amaze idea! I love how little effort it takes to make something that looks really really pretty and special! I might have to try this out for this christmas, maybe as a present to myself lol!


  7. This is such a lovely idea, especially in a cute jar like these!

    Maria xxx

  8. Aww this is such a lovely idea. The handmade touch is always extra special <3

    Jennie xo |

  9. I love this DIY gift idea! It's so simple, easy, and classy. :)


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