Brighter Mornings

I have an unhealthy obsession with linen. Tablecloths, pillowcases, napkins, handkerchiefs, bed sheets, the list is endless. When out thrifting, it’s finding that perfectly crisp piece of embroidered linen that makes me the happiest. Just imagine the sort of thing your Nan had on her side table, that’s what I look for and now I have drawers full of the stuff- it’s the one collection I cannot stop adding to. It was gratefully accepted then, when Joules offered to send me a package of bed linen: a duvet cover and two pillowcases from their new bedding range.

The Sunbird set is busy, bright (perfect for these dark days of autumn and winter) and it’s reversible for an extra flash of pattern. Because my bedroom is painted white and we rent so can't change the colour, I love having loud bedlinen as it makes up for the last of colour in the room. As soon as I received the set, I popped them in the washing machine with a good amount of fabric softener. I do this every time a buy a new duvet and it’s one of my favourite things, clean, warm bedding on a cold night. The Joules bedding is 100% cotton, which I was pleased to hear. Cotton only gets softer with time, wears well and, although more expensive, it's more of an investment than polycotton.

I thought I’d use this lovely gift as an opportunity to take a few photos of the trinkets around my bedroom. I’ve had everything for a long time, including the skull & antlers that were a bargain boot sale buy for £15 a couple of years ago. The carousel tin was another car-boot find and the beloved trapeze music box was a gift from my mum a couple of Christmas' ago.

Do you prefer something more serene to fall asleep underneath? Or are you with me in the brighter-is-better camp?


  1. This set is so beautiful! It looks like it fits in your room perfectly.

    I'm with you, all my bedding is vintage so its lots of mismatched and bright colours! XO

  2. I love bright bedding and linen, I have heaps folded on top of my wardrobe on show cos it looks so pretty x

    The Joules set looks like something my aunty had when I was little, brings back lovely memories of carpet picnics and dressing up in her ballgowns (what I wouldnt give to have a rummage in that wardrobe now!) xxx

  3. Gorgeous! Definitely helps brighten things up, I'm looking for some for our spare room (now an icy blue)
    And snap on the glasses. :)

  4. Looks utterly gorgeous, I have just the same set and I have to agree - the cotton is such lovely quality! Hurrah for Joules! :-)

    Jem xXx

  5. It's beautiful! A Joules store just opened here so I might pop by and check it out.

  6. That set really is beautiful!