Five for Silver, Six for Gold

You all know I like a good Etsy shop and sensing from the feedback on the various posts I've written featuring my favourite sellers, you lot do too.

When Rachel from The Magpie's Daughter got in touch a couple of weeks ago, I had a thorough nosy at her well-stocked and well-established shop, and fell in love with her mix of vintage brooches, new charms and dozens upon dozens of shiny treasures.

Rachel was generous enough to send me not only the vintage brooch, above, that I expressed my love for, but a set of Little Daisies bobby pins, a Green Tea necklace and a duo of Time for Tea pinbadges.

The various sets of Bobby pins available are beautiful, especially since each set looks perfectly colour coordinated in pastels, pinks, blues and woodland colours. Everything is really fresh and spring-like with butterflies, bees and feathers featuring on many pieces.

Rachel's most recent make- and a favourite of mine- were necklaces from a set of chandelier crystals, something which I always hope to come across on my jumble adventures. But, be quick, they were popular and there is only one left!

You can find The Magpie's Daughter at the following links, now get browsing!:

Say Hello Thrift-ola...

You've probably all heard through the grapevine by now, but there's a new website for you to add to your favourites. It's called Thrift-ola (bloody good name) and it launched a couple of weeks ago.

Remember Lady Luck Rules, Ok? and their amazing personalised necklaces? Well, I do. I had three and a handful of their other creations. When they closed their doors at the height of their popularity I was bemused and saddened, but on hearing that founder, Leona, had a new project launching this March gave me hope that she would be turning her hand to something equally as brilliant. And disappointed I was not.

Thrift-ola is an incredible online junk shop-cum-jumble-cum-bootsale and above are just a handful of the finds on offer at very affordable prices. It's the perfect incarnation of what I hope my online shop to be someday and if you haven't taken a look yet, do so right now. New stock is added all the time, postage is fair and you can follow Leona on Twitter here!

The Tales of an Early Bird

A 7.30am wake up call on a Saturday morning isn't everyones idea of fun, but I can't think of anything better if that early start means I'm off to a car boot sale. A couple of days ago I decided that, after a year of hoarding clothes under my bed in suitcases, it was time for me to do the clearing out. I love selling at a car boot even more than I love just mooching around one. When I joined the queue with my bags and cases full of junk, the banter was just phenomenal.

Since I am an early-riser, I was stood right behind the regulars- the older ladies with their wares bungee-roped on to the skeleton frames of old prams, the slightly crazy ones dancing around their trolleys and the lovely ones whom I chatted to about the weather, the unjustness of cars being let in first and what our selling strategies were.

It turned out to be a fun little morning! I made about £50 which is great for a couple of hours work. Though much more importantly, I went home with a lot less than I had dragged there. Just in case you were thinking I didn't actually buy anything because I was being all saintly and just decluttering then I am pleased to announce that, firstly, you are wrong and, secondly, you don't know me at all.

Of course I spent some of my profit...

Lightweight daisy-print cotton shirt, £3. I keep finding daisy-print things and can't help thinking of Laura from A Daisy Chain Dream when I find things as pretty as this.

1950's cotton skirt with grosgrain ribbon decoration, £2. Very much too small for me, but I couldn't leave it. Maybe one for the shop.

There was one table run by a mother and daughter who were both wonderfully kind and theatrical. They had the best stall, full of old knick knacks and fabrics and accessories. I spent most of my spends with them and this little postcard was one of the things I bought.

And this was another. An oriental hand-painted scarf (50p) which looks incredibly washed out here, but is actually bright and beautiful.

Probably my favourite purchase of the day, also from the mother/daughter stall. A 1950's/60's bakelite miniature roulette wheel.(£1) It's in almost perfect condition and I could spin it all day long, the motion is almost hypnotic.

And just to prove that all the cool kids shop at car boot sales, here's Jameela Jamil (or more precisely, the back of her head. Cross my heart it was actually her.) To be honest, I wasn't impressed with her bootnique (bootsale/technique geddit?). She did a quick once-round and then darted out. I'm pretty sure none of the old biddies knew who she was but they certainly all gawped at her get-up. I don't think they're used to that much Topshop-haute-couture so early in the morning.

And after I skipped home with one small(ish) suitcase of things left over, there was only one way to reward my selling skills: scones, jam, clotted cream, a white hot chocolate and an afternoon nap in front of the telly. Sweet, sweet Saturday indeed.

It's a Bertie Party!

Harriet and Sarah championing the booth.

Amy, Harriet and Sarah

Amy looking gorgeous with her newly brightened hair and Express skirt, doing the 'these shoes? or these shoes?' walk.

Shiny new shoes.

Ahh Bertie, you certainly know how to treat a blogger after a long, hard day at work, don't you? A bottle of traditional cola here, a french fancy there, unlimited rounds in a photo booth with props and a pair of gorgeous shoes to accompany us on the tube ride home. Perfection.

Bertie's new collection is a real looker. There are some perfect chunky wedges, backless platform clogs, lace up peeptoes and, my favourites, the beautiful offspring of a brogue slash creeper.

I went for the ultra-classy Felix B patent and leather mix brogues. Another pair of brogues? I know, I know. Traditional yes, but look at the shape- they have a slight masculine edge with an elongated, sharply rounded toe as opposed to the generous curve of most of the high-street versions on offer. Something to tone down all those pastel-toned dresses I'll be wearing this spring hopefully.

It was great seeing awesome bods Jazmine, Sally & Ross and Abi tonight too
(I suck at taking photo's of said awesome people obviously) so thanks to Bertie for a great evening!

Project Take 10: Spoiled Brat

Delicious Couture Sweater- Spoiled Brat
Floral pencil skirt- vintage
Postcard print bag- thrifted
Blazer- Toast

Two Take 10 posts in one month? Oh yes, we are really spoiling you!

Spoiled Brat is not a site I'd usually visit during one of my bi-monthly online window shopping marathons so when they asked to be our new Take 10 sponsor, I was apprehensive. My eyes were pleasantly surprised however, because alongside the £200 blingtastic fantastic hoodies was this jumper. I chose this mega kitsch Tiger Sweater because it was fun, not ridiculously over the top and because it has a tiger wearing Lolita sunglasses on it, duhhh. Thought I would push it into the realm of ridiculousness with the almost-neon floral stretch skirt I bought at a trendy jumble a few months ago.

The jumper itself is great quality, that thin sort of sweatshirt material and over-sized just enough but not too much.

See how the other fabulous girls have done on this March Take 10 Challenge:

Sabine- Psynopsis
MJ- Dreaming Spires
Sherin- Hi Fashion

Vintage & Thrift Event Diary: March/April

Since the weather is getting warmer, I thought it was time I compiled another list of all thrifty things happening in London over the next few weeks. I apologise in advance for it being London-centric once again. I am thinking of compiling one for different areas of the country but not sure if people would be interested, so let me know if you are!

Vintage Furniture Flea

Sunday 27th March 11.30-16.30

York Hall, Bethnal Green, London, E2 9PJ

Judy Berger, of Judy's Affordable Vintage Fair fame, has branched out into G-Plan, Ercol and other retro furniture for her new venture next appearing at East London's York Hall on Sunday 27th. I imagine things won't be car-boot-cheap but if you're looking for a statement piece for your home, this will be the place to go!

The Kensal Flea

Saturday 19th March 12.00-17.00

Paradise, Kensal Green, 19 Kilburn Lane, London, W10

The Kensal Flea boasts a day full of arts and crafts, vintage fashion and homewares, cakes and easter gifts, a pop-up art gallery and live after-flea comedy gig. All that for the £1 entry fee that goes direct to charity? Can’t really say no can you?

Can't Buy me Love Jumble Market

Saturday 26th March 12.30-17.30

The Boogaloo, 312 Archway Road, London, N6 5AT

This free-entry rummage sale promises cult books, bric-a-brac, curios and thrift galore. With DJ’s and stalls inside and out, this event at the Boogaloo sounds like a definite go-er.

New Gallery Jumble

Saturday 19th March 13.00-20.00

New Gallery London, 92 Peckham Rd, London, SE15 5PY

With talk of bargain bins and a portrait booth alongside pre-loved and upcycled clothing, this south of the river jaunt is top of my to-do list this coming Saturday.

Wimbledon High School Car Boot Sale
Saturday 19th March 9.00- 13.00
Mansel Road, Wimbledon, SW19 4AB

With a not-too-early start and a £1 entrance free, if you’re in the area it’s worth a look! For more information email

Chiswick Community School Car Boot Sale
Sunday 3rd April (First Sunday of every month) 8.00– 13.30
Burlington Lane, London, W4 3UN

This car boot sells itself as one of the most successful in the South East, so expect greatness.

Battersea Sunday Afternoon Car Boot Sale
Every Sunday- from 11.30
Battersea Park School (Entrance Via Dagnall Street), London, SW11 5AP

The ever-popular boot sale in Battersea as championed by Jazmine from Jazzabelle’s Diary and a host of other bloggers. I can vouch that it’s a good ‘un, when I last went I found Cath Kidston dresses for a fiver and a few vintage dresses for pennies. If you turn up early, expect to pay £5 to get in from 11.30am, this drops to £3 at 12pm and to 50p at 13.30.

St Mary's Church of England Primary School Car Boot.
Every Saturday 10.00- 15.00
Quex Road, Kilburn, London, NW6 4PG

Entrance after 10am is 50p
Early bird entrance fee before 10am is £3

St Augustine's School Car Boot.
Every Saturday 11.00- 15.00
Kilburn Park Road, Kilburn, London, NW6

This long-established (15 years!) car boot is another I’ve not been to. Entrance after is 11.00 is 50p and the early bird entrance fee before 11am is £3.

Let me know if you have any to add and I'll get editing!

Rummage my wardrobe

Just a short, sharp shock of a post shamelessly pimping the goods I currently have for sale on eBay, ending tomorrow.

There's a few different things including an Urban Outfitters bag, Benefit, Illamasqua, Liberty for Target, Mac, ASOS and more so have a little look.

I also wanted to mention that I put these auctions up before the horrendous situation in Japan occurred so did not have the chance to choose the charity option on the listing. Instead, I've decided to donate 10% of final sales to The Red Cross which, if you haven't done already, you can also do here.

Weekend Show & Tell

Our Lady figure: 50p, Oxfam

Granny jumper: 50p, jumble sale.

Daisy print t-shirt: 25p, jumble sale.

Vintage (?) embroidered top: £12, Oxfam.

Yesterday was a quiet day, as is today. Edward had the day off and we had grand ideas of going to the gym and the cinema and partaking in the proper weekend activities of adults. But we drank far too much of Friday night and ended up wandering about Hampstead looking for sustenance and a hangover cure.

I remembered a jumble sale was happening in Camden so whilst Ed waited patiently outside, I managed to find a few bits and pieces including the jumper and floral t-shirt above. I also bought a few things to add to my stockpile for the online junk shop- the underneath of my bed is now ever so full of curiosities and trinkets I may have to think of somewhere else to store them soon!

Now onto the top that I really have no words for. I spotted it in Hampstead Oxfam, a charity shop I seldom visit. It's expensive pieces of Ralph Lauren and clothes of obscure European designers favoured by the upper classes hold no interest with me. I spied some embroidery amongst the rails of eighties tailoring and both gasped and giggled when I saw it. Brown crimplene with beautiful large buttons on the shoulders, the absence of any labels meaning I have no idea if this is vintage, handmade, modern or designer. But really, I don't care. In one glance, I think I love it and then in another, I think I am mad. The only thing I'm certain of is that I shall probably never see anything similar again. And that, my lovely's, is why I bought it.