Just enough

Finally got my paws on a charger thanks to my friend David (big thank-you's!) so here's a few pics of the Primrose Bakery that me and Ed went to last weekend for a pot of tea and some cake. The amazing London cake with the little Union Jack's has inspired me to make something similar for a party we've decided to have for the royal wedding in April. And no, we are most definitely not royalists.
I have no particular love for the Windsors (apart from Harry because I love the ginger) but we thought it would be a great excuse for an old-school fancy dress street party on Hampstead Heath. Triangle sandwiches, flasks of earl grey, victoria sponge decorated with phoneboxes and Big Ben's and and the finest faux aristocracy we can muster.
The 'Just Enough Until I Need More' artwork is under a bridge along Regent's Canal- one of my favourite walks for when the weather gets a bit warmer, I recommend it fyi!

Also, the wonderful Cellar Door magazine that I wrote a post about a few weeks ago has featured me as the latest subject in their 'Meet...' series. If you'd like to know who I was named after and other random information about me, go take a look here


(Picture: weheartit)

I give up. After 3 attempts to upload photos on this 'ere PC that I'm using and each attempt resulting in a 'Bad Gateway' (or 'Please stop expecting too much of me, I am a mere PC') page, I give up. My powerbook charger did a little fizz noise and promptly gave up the ghost a couple of days ago so I am unexpectedly computer-less. Only the third Apple Mac charger I've been through in eight years though and what do I expect when, instead of forking out the ridiculous £57 for a refurbished charger, I bought a Japanese import (£13/8 months usage=cheap?) from eBay.

So no photos from me. Which sucks because I want to write about a thing I went to at Fashion Week and a couple of other posts which I had swirling around my noggin. Next week, next week will be better.

Anyone got any fun plans for the weekend? I'm off home to see my parents and plans for Friday night include going to a beer festival and sampling some real ales, Saturday will mean a bit of charity shopping and trawling some travel agents for deals on flights to America. I've finally saved enough to book everything for our September trip! Any tips on roadtripping much appreciated!

Sorry for the wordiness dudes but Happy Friday to you all for tomorrow!

LFW: Day Three & Four Favourites

Julien Macdonald.
Dresses reminiscent of petticoats and slips in scraps of blush and apricot. Probably not the look he was going for, but they remind me of the kinderwhore, Courtney Love movement of which I am forever fond.

Pieces featured prints of the Paul Delaroche painting The Execution of Lady Jane Grey, the shortest reigning Queen of England. A cyptic message Giles?

Holly Fulton.
More beautifully intricate graphics from Holly Fulton, with an Art Deco edge. The black top below is reminiscent of the impending entrance hall to the Empire State, and the building's iconic silhouette features in Fulton's pieces.

Temperley London.
The dress below as a wedding dress for me? Oh Alice, you shouldn't have! Dream dress, dream scenario. Nice to see the peter pan collar sticking around. More Art Deco & 1920's influences featured heavily in the evening dress beading and shapes.

Is just Mulberry isn't it? Excellent strikes of colour- taupe, parma violet and turquoise, multi-layered maxi's and an assortment of it-bags.
Topshop Unique.
I wasn't enamoured with all the dalmation print this season at TU and the hair made me despair. Last fall, I loved their woodland creature styling but this season I've fallen for their San Fran/Brooklyn Bridge velvet devore dress. Are we noticing a pattern here? 3 designers and counting with architectural design-inspired pieces in their collection? I'm sure once it's filtered down to our high street we'll all be wearing crappy t-shirts printed with the Gherkin and St Pauls. Or I should say, I hope not. Let's keep it classy, shall we?

LFW: Day Two Favourites

Henry Holland.
Traditional and austere shapes in acid, candy brights. Knitted blanket scarves, striped pop socks and bingo ball prints also featured in a collection packed with granny-chic. I need me one of those cropped hunting jackets in pink please.

Betty Jackson.
Drop-waisted chiffon dresses with big, bold florals. Heaps of blood-red in all manner of textures.

Just another quick summary of my favourites from yesterday! There's been some great shows today, so can't wait to post my picks from day three!

LFW: Day One Favourites

Need to see more of this but can't find anymore shots. The little kitty caps remind me of Enid's sex mask in Ghostworld. 'Nuff said.

Corrie Nielsen.
St Martins grad and last year's Fashion Fringe winner. A stand-out show for me- the sashes had me sold.

Paul Costelloe.

The tartan and Quality Street-hued a-line mini's tipped me in favour of loving this show.

Thought I'd do a quick summary of my favourite shows from today at London Fashion Week and do the same for the next few days.

I'm only going on Sunday, so have pretended I was there today with the help of the
London Fashion Weekend website, where all of these photos are taken from.

Any shows you loved or hated today? Were you there, hogging the 'frow? Gossip, please!

Daring Darling of the Month: February

All photos from Silence Sweetheart and Sarah's Chictopia

Sarah Deetz from Silence Sweetheart is my Daring Darling for the month of February. One of my long-term blog loves and a girl who writes things I want to read, I chose Sarah not only for her beautifully irreverent, always-striking, take on her favourite fashions, but also for a brilliant post she recently wrote entitled ‘A Manifesto on High Street Fashion’ which you can read in it’s full greatness here.Link

I’ve decided to adopt this myself but adapt it slightly so that it represents’ my choices and my life.

I. In 2011, I will no longer purchase poor quality factory produced high-street clothing.

II. I do not want my money to support fast-fashion

III. Henceforth, I will not be responsible for the mountains of clothing sent to landfill sites.

IV. I refuse to continue inadvertently supporting the unethical practices used by manufacturers

V. I own a sewing machine. I will use it.

VI. If something no longer fits or is desirable, I will sell it or donate it.

VII. Vintage and second-hand one-offs will be my special treats. There is no limit on these.

VIII. I will make a concerted effort to buy from ethical brands wherever possible.


- If I am given something as a gift from family & friends.
- All second-hand items
- Underwear. Ethical underwear brand recommendations anyone?

Sarah even covers the 3 basic and usual arguments to this way of thought in her article, which covered some areas I used to be guilty of assuming myself. Christina over at A Sense Sublime is also doing a series on Fast Fashion Rehab and is taking a similar total high street detox!
This is my pledge for 2011. It will certainly be a challenge, but hopefully not an impossible one. Could you, essentially, give up the high street forever? What would you miss the most?

p.s I hit 1000 followers last night, which made me a bit emotional actually. Thank you. Please continue being awesome.

I, illustrated

I mentioned that at the Amelia's Magazine party a few weeks ago, the enormously talented designer and illustrator Michelle Urvall Nyrén very kindly sketched me in my party-best. She took the sketch home to add the watercolour and I saw the finished picture a few days ago on the Amelia's website.

I really couldn't love it any more than I do. Michelle has captured my dress and my beehive exactly as I remember it that night and considering my hands were shaking something chronic trying to hold that teacup and saucer still, I look remarkably composed. Having something like this to keep is really such a treasure so thank you Michelle! I'm planning on going to get it printed and pop it up on display but too vain? I drew the line at using it to make a Valentines Day card for Ed so don't worry, I do have some self-control!


Thanks to a heads up from Emily, I've just also discovered this illustration by Natasha Thompson from The Secret Tea Party. Natasha, if you read this, thank you! What a great surprise on a Sunday night!