Rosy Christmas

Primrose Hill Christmas fair was exactly what I needed today. A cup of mulled wine with gloves, sampling chocolate brownies and cheesecake from a local bakery and having a chat with the stallholders.

Famous faces wandering around in the bitter cold with their family's and Father Christmas having his photo taken by tourists. Hundreds of dogs getting under everyones feet and candy floss and graffiti.

Ending up with a trip to the Museum of Everything and their new exhibition (I urge you to go if you're based in London, it's free and their new collection of circus/fairground memorabilia is fantastic) it was a wonderful welcome return to London.

French Obsession

Sorry for the pic-spam. I don't generally post about crushes but I just can't help it. I've fallen hard.

A son of French cinema, smouldering away in Bertolucci's The Dreamers and sleeping his way across the city in Dans Paris. The only man to ever look good in a polo-neck (see above for the evidence), incessant smoker, proud owner of the most perfect aquiline nose I've ever looked upon and Italian-professor-come-seductor-absolute in La Belle Personne. Mon amour, Louis Garrel.

An American Apparel escapee and a granddaughter of Pathé with the dearest elfin fringe that side of the Channel. Whose hair colour changes with the wind and who infinitely suits every one. Anna Karina reimagined. Playing Junie in The Beautiful Person with an alabaster face that I would die for. Léa Seydoux, I want to be you.

Also of note: Romain Duris and Clotilde Hesme.


Thank you to everyone who wished me well regarding the dentist today. It went well, but I'm in a bit of pain this evening so sorry for the filler post. I came to stay with my parents so they can cook me meals and brew me tea and generally look after me.

1 & 2
Have been longing after my mums crockery collection and the antique porcelain french jars she found at a car boot sale.

3, 4 & 5
I brought home a huge suitcase of craft and ephemera to busy me and take my mind off things. It's all in aid of a very exciting opportunity that I'll hopefully be able to fill you in on as soon as I get it confirmed!

6 & 7
Wearing my favourite knuckledusters, which look a little odd next to my dainty engagement ring but I can't very well take it off, can I? Maybe I'll have to upgrade to something bigger and bolder soon!

To those taking part in the Christmas card swap, if you haven't sent me your address already please do ASAP to Your cards are ready write and as a reminder, I am sending them out on the 1st December!

A letter to Santa

Message in a Cookie cutters. Exclusive for Williams Sonoma
(Actually, if anyone wants to buy me these, as they only ship to the US, I will gladly pay them for their troubles!)

Cabbage rose watch from Urban Outfitters

Carousel jewellery holder from Urban Outfitters

This is totally impractical, so please, no one actually buy it for me (haha, I love that I think I may actually get bought any of this!) I just like staring at it!

23rd November 2010

Dear Santa et al,

For the people who want to buy me pretty things this Christmas, please see the attached list of wants and needs. Additionally, anything from Lush, Liberty or Topshop is much appreciated.

Your gratefully,

Miss E Loughran

Seller of the Week: Sunday Girl Accessories

So, I gave up on Seller on Sunday because generally, that's my day of hangovers. Terrible of me I know. But when Stephanie from Sunday Girl Accessories emailed me asking if I'd like to review her beautiful laser-cut jewellery, I couldn't really say no could I?

It was very difficult to choose something from her well-stocked site because everything is so lovely! I eventually chose a simple large initial necklace in white and then as a surprise, Stephanie sent me a Bird Brooch in turquoise. I was so pleased when I opened the pretty printed gift box and saw the pieces, the colours are perfect- just see how the birdie brooch matches the blouse I wore today. This is easy jewellery- it will go with anything. I plan on pinning the brooch to a new cape to brighten it up and the initial necklace will be on continuous rotation this winter.

Another thing I love about these pieces is the prices- the birdie brooch is just £4 and the initial necklace is £6. That's cheaper than Topshop and you're supporting an independent crafter. Everybody wins.

And if I hadn't tempted you already, then look at these other beauties that are available on the site: