Inspire me.

I have finally decided on a new addition to PMP- weekly inspiration episodes! Whether from a film, a starlet, a song, a friend, a painting or a book, we all know inspiration can spring from some unlikely places.

I want to give you an idea of what inspires and intrigues me (style and other-wise) and hopefully give you a few little ideas along the way!

To kick it off, I have chosen the film Cracks. A deliciously dark Lord of the Flies for girls, with the ever-beautiful Eva Green and newcomer Juno Temple. Cracks is picture-perfect with a thirties setting and country surroundings, the detail is incredible and the outfits are, somewhat predictably, highly covetable!


Topshop (may have to buy this ASAP! Isn't it lovely?)

So, what do you think? Good idea? I'd love some suggestions of what inspires you! Whatever it may be.

Maybe I could feature some of your suggestions in my posts!

How not to break the bank (holiday)

The lovely Leona from the legendary Superette emailed me last night letting me know about a fabulous Rummage Jumble they are having this weekend.

Taken from their Facebook:

"I love stuff!I love other people’s unwanted stuff even more and spend most my weekends looking for the oddball couple at a car boot sale so I can rifle through their possessions. The downside to my dedicated pursuit of second hand delights is the thought of setting off before sunrise to car boot it and seeing the rise of regular ‘professional’ sellers at pub jumbles.

In response, I have created RUMMAGE! an afternoon jumble sale held in a gallery space that not only invites a different bunch of talented folk each month to spring clean their studios, declutter their homes and have a good ol' fashioned clear out but also promotes, exhibits and where possible sells their independent works.

RUMMAGE! is for me and my fellow thrifters who not only want to sift through an interesting person’s unwanted belongings but would also like the chance to meet and support all the talented Londoners who independently draw, dance, blog, design, craft, perform and create for a living.

To start this unique series of events we have invited our favourite illustrators to take part. So join us for a fun filled afternoon of trawling jumble, sifting through samples and gazing intently at the artworks of London’s most exciting illustrators.

There will be tea & homemade treats on offer to sip & nibble on our tiny terrace and goody bags for early birdies "

And to top it all off, there is free entry! Check out the Facebook page here for more information.
Alas, I will be home for the bank holiday visiting my parents and celebrating my mums birthday so won't be able to attend. Gutted.

However, it's certain Superette's rummage sale will become a familiar face on the London Jumble scene so I'm sure to get another shot at a bargain. Do let me know if you attend, I would love to hear how it goes & what treasures you find!

I also received an email about another newbie jumble sale which I most definitely will be attending:

Low-Fi Fayre: The May Edition.

Saturday 8 May 12pm - 6pm.

Patricks Harvist - Kensal Green

Low-Fi Fayre is a monthly market and social event bringing together all that is low-fi. Stalls, crafts, designers, music, hand-made, recycled, second-hand

The event will run from 12pm-6pm on Saturday 8 May. We will be holding it at the Harvist cafe and gallery on the corner of Chamberlayne and Harvist Road in Kensal Green (NW10 3NB)

Another couple of great ideas if you are stuck for things to do this Bank Holiday. What are your plans if you have any? I hope it's sunny and we can lie in the grass all weekend eating ice-cream!

Weekend Thrills

A great weekend has nearly come to an end.

I'm so tired, I'm going to write and publish this and then have a little nap on the sofa! Does that make me a little old lady?

I went to see LCD Soundsystem last night at Brixton Academy. The whole room singing their hearts out to 'All My Friends' was just one of many highlights. Clocking Matthew Horne from Gavin & Stacey was another. And the balloon shower another.

Followed by Strawberry Mojitos's and lots of silly banter, trawling YouTube for gems and stumbling across this darling little video-

I've done a little thrifting this weekend, as usual! I just can't help myself.

First a church hall jumble sale yesterday where I bought this typewriter for £2.
Whilst very commonplace, you usually run into difficulty when trying to buy the inked paper. I don't think I'll have to worry for a while as I found about 20 sheets stored in a hidden pocket in the lid which was a lovely surprise. I'm thinking of using it to produce some jewellery/little pieces of art so stay tuned!

I woke up today at 7.30am and whilst my friends and the boy slept soundly, I hot-footed it to the boot sale a few minutes away. Apart from a few sporadic light showers I managed to find a couple of cute things including this handmade vintage skirt with lace crochet trim.

Leather jacket- Primark/ Bow thin-knit jumper- Primark/ Floral handmade skirt- thrifted/ Boots- thrifted/ Bag- thrifted/ Tesco bag- just seen.

I just want to say HI to all my new followers, I am very honored you have chosen to read my little area of the web and each new person is a little joy.

And THANK YOU to everyone who suggested blogs for me to read in my last post. I went through them all and have added at least 20 to my reading list- I knew you guys had great taste!

Wishing you all a pain-free Monday from an exhausted Eleanor. Over & out.

A £2 treat & a request.

My pretty new bow-print tights from Primark for £2.

Costing less than my morning coffee, these tights are perfect for brightening my work outfits and sheer enough for the sunny summer ahead of us.

And now, I would like to pick your lovely little brains...

I am looking to expand on my blog-roll and would love to hear your recommendations! They don't have to be style blogs- I think, if anything, I'm particularly looking for alternative genres (although obviously any fashion sites you love will be welcomed!) I can appreciate a little self-promotion so feel free to pimp your own!

Thank you in advance, I know you guys will have some awesome suggestions.

Happy Friday for tomorrow everyone!

A head for hats

Just one find for the past couple of days- another cute Kodak Instamatic! I really should start trying to find film for these instead of buying the same camera twice. Oh dear. I just can't help myself- the design of these cameras is so timeless- the two-tone casing, the rounded edges, the clip-on leather case.

However, what I really want to be finding on my thrifting trips at the moment is hats. HATS HATS HATS!

I have a bit of a penchant for hats- I've always been told I suit nearly every type of hat which in itself I always thought was an odd comment. But now nothing could make me happier! Boaters, fedoras, berets and slouch-knits have all been on my thrifty shopping list recently.

It is nearly summer and so for some inspiration I took a look online to see what the highstreet was offering- it seems that straw- timeless and practical- is popular on the highstreet, as always!


What's your summer style for the shade? A Cassie? A Marie Antoinette? Or just a bit of fun!?

Friends & Fine Dining

Me, the boy and three of our friends decided to put together our own Come Dine With Me competition- as in we each host a dinner party, create a menu and score each other on the entire night. On Friday night, Ed hosted the first dinner and the menu was as follows:

Goats Cheese & Tomato Tartlets with Parma Ham

Hunter's Chicken Stew

Espresso Tiramisu with dark chocolate curls.

It was all delicious and Ed proved he can cook which is a massive bonus for me! We ended up getting very merry and dancing around the living room all night. Fabulous and cheap- the perfect night in.

I now need to start organising mine- any great little recipes you can recommend? Maybe a family secret you can let me borrow? I have no idea what to do!

Wearing my favourite lipstick- Chanel's New York Red. Perfect with a slick of liquid eyeliner. I'm looking for some make-up recommendations -I've been stuck in a bit of a cosmetics-rut recently- so what is your favourite product?

In other news, I have kindly been asked by the people at Aussie to be an Aussie Angel. I have seen a few girls post about the events they had attended and I was always a little green with envy- they look such fun!

Well I shall now be attending too- my first is on the 8th May! Are you going? It will be lovely to meet some more bloggers!