For the love of Good Housekeeping.

Today, about 2 hours ago in fact, I finally realised something.

It's cold.

It is cold outside. It is cold inside. I just can't get warm, even with my layers of socks, thick woolen cardigans and hot water bottle. I stayed in bed until eleven-thirty this morning, snuggled in the duvet and eiderdown and waited until the rain had stopped (if only for a few minutes) to get up out of my lovely warm nest.

I made hot chocolate with marshmallows, and read the newspapers (is anyone else's highlight of the printed-word week The Sunday Times Style supplement? Of course, my fellow Londoners will appreciate it when I say that Wednesday mornings are now a little bit more interesting thanks to the Stylist! Terribly middle-class and aimed at people who can afford to drop £300 on a vase or gold-plated contact lens holder, but still- something pretty to read is always a treat!)

I ate the blackberry flapjack that I made yesterday (delicious! from this recipe!) and watched The Secret Garden and thought of all the things I can't wait for in the next month or so!

I have the tiniest of flats but I still want to decorate for Christmas, hang the baubles, drape the tinsel, light up the windows and generally just go way over the top wherever I can!

I had a browse and came up with some of the cutest decorations!

Both of the above are from Red Direct.
They have adorable gifts too, and check their clearance section for some bargains!

Another of my favourite shops in general, and one that the lovely and amazing PinkBow recently featured on her blog, Plumo has some luxurious and vintage-inspired decorations and trinkets on offer. And as mentioned by PinkBow, their January sale is amazing! I can't to spend my Christmas monies on everything!

The below are all from Christmas Time UK .
Their website is choc-a-block with tinsel and fairy lights and baubles and tree-toppers and everything is really great value. The owl below, and the Dear Santa envelopes are my favourites!

I'm actually going to buy Good Housekeeping this week, and fantasize about my dream house, and the amazing Martha-Stewart-style Christmas I will one-day have!

I hope you are all now suitably excited about the impending festivities!

Have a good week everybody x

11 days! 11 days in blogland is a decade, an eternity. Unfortunately I lost someone very close to me...

My macbook is broked :( Something to do with the hardrive combusting, overloading and stalling. One of the three anyway. Cue hysterical panic about losing the contents of my itunes and the 2,000 or so photos accumulated over the last 5 years of excellent service it has given me.

Luckily my cousin works for an Apple reseller, so am getting it fixed for nowt and am picking it up tomorrow. Blog posts by the end of this weekend yo!

It's the 1 month Christmas countdown! Excited, moi? Never! ;)
Normal service will be resumed as soon as possible my lovelies.

My big little wishlist.

Over the past week or so, I have been asked by my parents, friends and the boy what I would like for Christmas and instead of the usual mental shopping list (in my head its like a huge receipt roll!) springing to mind, to each one of them I have replied 'Errrrm, ahhhh, maybe, no, well....'

And so, even though it may seem part bridezilla, part spoilt child, I've compiled my wish list here for them to browse. I thought it might give be of inspiration for you too! Nothing is over £30.

Harry Potter/In The Loop DVDs- all Amazon

Sweetheart necklaces from Sugarpop Clothing at

A lifetimes supply of Lush's Snow Fairy please?

This ring is so beautiful! Ceramic skull ring by Mixko at

The September Issue DVD- Amazon

Perspex Key necklace/ Cameo Frame necklace by
Sarahkeyes at

Filigree ring by Ruby Rouge at

Oversized statement pearl necklace at

Topshop socks!

Any other ideas? What is on your Christmas wishlist??

Chiller killer

I was having a random browse on Etsy and came across a store called Furburger. I saw and fell in love with so much stuff...

Amazing embroidered jumper

Croc patchwork bag-

Floral tunic top-

Then I checked their shipping info and squealed a little bit when I realised they didn't ship to the UK (currently frantically emailing them to see if they'll make an exception!)

It got me to thinking about jumpers and knitwear per se, and about why I hate the usual boring cardigans and jumpers that go on sale year after year. They always look so functional, which I guess is great for the weather are getting here, but at the minute I am loving the abstract, quirky and cutesy element coming back out on the high street now.

Dorothy Perkins-


This is definitely one of my favourite- Berman at ASOS- bright argyle knit. Amazing oversized as a dress with a contrasting huge scarf.

And this by Fred Perry <3->

Any clues on where else stock interesting, affordable knitwear?

Snap, crackle & pop!

I've had so much firework-y fun over the last couple of days, my ears are still ringing from all the bangs!

Thursday night, remember remember the 5th November, we clambered up to the top of Primrose Hill with hundreds of other people to try and steal glimpses of the big displays going on all over London.
The atmosphere was so happy and excited, a community waiting for the flares and sparkles on the horizon, exploding over everything from Canary Wharf to St Pancras to Battersea Park. My very clever and talented friends Hannah and Mandy made mulled wine in flasks and homemade oven-warm vegetable pasties.

I came home to see my parents this weekend and did my usual £29 shop in Primark. (EVERY time I go to Primark I spend £29 exactly. Weird) They had a lot of cute stuff in there and I bought a pair of my favourite skinny back jeans that fit perfectly for £8 and a cute wolf print top for £6.

Usually Primark corsages are a bit flimsy and cheap-looking but I found the one below which is huge and stiff and crepey.

I also fell in love with the mary-janes they have in at the minute, all pastel pinks, creams and greys with cute little frills and the perfect size heel for me. I fractured my ankle and toes a few months ago and have been wearing hideous trainers and sticking to sensible brogues and boots but with Christmas coming and and party dresses to buy, I wanted something as soft and as delicate as a fondant fancy. These heels were £13.

I usually hate it when people who gush about romance and love but the boy bought me flowers last week and they are so pretty and have lasted for ages so I had to take some photos <3

And this is what my tonight consists of- a pack of oreos and some hot chocolate to recover from my hideous hangover (staying up until half 2 in the morning discussing the state of the world with my Dad was not a great idea when combined with 3!!! bottles of wine between us)

I hope everyone is having a lovely, cosy weekend!